Medicycle is a registered MHRA Broker of Medicines

It is highly recommended that pharmacies and wholesalers choose an Online Medicines Marketplace (OMM) which is MHRA-accredited. Rxara Ltd t/a Medicycle is a registered medicines broker with MHRA. This gives us the privilege to independently negotiate the selling or buying of medicines on the behalf of another company. With our expertise, we can guide and consult all customers who trade medicines in our platform to ensure a legal transaction is taking place. We are proud in being fully transparent with all our clients and regulatory bodies.

Some vendors may offer a similar service without accreditation, thus leaving individuals liable for illegal wholesaling. Examples of these vendors can include but are not limited to:

  • Telecom Instant Messaging Groups
  • Social Media Groups
  • Advertising Websites
  • Drug Comparison Websites
  • OMM without an MHRA broker license

Customers who intend to use these vendors are strongly encouraged to verify for MHRA accreditation, examine if trading is legal via their platform and check what measures are put in place to ensure the legal transaction takes place.

Accreditation: An example taken from the pharmacy regulator, GPhC


The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) values patient safety as paramount. They have published an excellent guide, alongside other UK health organisations, for patients on sourcing medicines/treatment online. Read full guide here.

The first and second statements from the guide read:

  • Check if the online healthcare service and healthcare professionals working there are registered with UK regulators.
  • Ask questions about how the service works.

Most pharmacy professionals would consider these statements as being “common sense” Wouldn’t you?

Then why are there many pharmacies still choosing to trade medicines on unregulated platforms which potentially violate laws and lead to illegal wholesaling? Isn’t it “common sense” to remember the statements above – especially when there are regulated platforms available.

Medicycle is an approved and regulated medicines trading platform targeted at reducing medicines waste; ensures public and business safety is always paramount.